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Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections


CRBSI can be deadly.  A catheter-related bloodstream infection can lead to sepsis and even death.  Even with good aseptic protocols to keep skin and catheter sites clean, you can still get a CRBSI. It's root cause is in the buildup of biofilm which creates an attractive environment for bacteria and infection.  As bacteria gathers around an infected catheter, it naturally begins to disseminate through the bloodstream. CRBSI must be prevented and treated.  Many companies are working on solutions to CRBSI now.



About Us is an important online asset of, in association with  We view meaningful keyword domain names as worthwhile online properties on which to build destinations that are helpful to those searching for answers, products and services.  They don't always have to be huge platforms in large consumer niches.  Most of our assets are very focused for a specific need of consumers, students, businesses, health professionals (or patients) or the just plain curious.  We have collected these properties for over a decade, and only recently gathered our assets under the MultiHoldings umbrella and launched our new development arm with an emerging strategic pipeline.  Everyone of these online properties are designed to fill a tangible need, and will do so when they emerge out of the pipeline.

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In the case of medical domain names and medical websites, our goal is to provide a resource to patients, caregivers, and even medical professionals.  

In the case of patients and caregivers, our hope with medical destination sites is that we can put them at ease in the medical terminology jungle, and clearly empower them to know in general about their  own conditions, options and variations, so they are not intimidated when speaking with their physicians, with a baseline. Our goal is never to provide medical advice, but only to be a precursor to the medical team that you have assembled.  What happens all too often is that one of the team members, the patient, the patients family and home caregivers, have a distinct disadvantage when starting that conversation, or at least in participating in a semi-informed way. In all cases, the patient needs to rely on the medical professionals and their own gut instinct about their own bodies. Information gained here or elsewhere, is only as good as the original sources of research on the topic, which we can't, don't, and won't control, so take what you find here with a grain of salt. 

For professionals, in some cases, our medical destination sites can still be a catalyst or platform for collecting information and studies when they come out, and in some cases provide a patient perspective that may have not been so obvious in the past. Caregivers and physicians are inordinately busy with patients, and the business of running a clinical setting, and often don't have time to notice new research or papers that are presented, or news from biotech firms, device companies, pharmaceuticals, and others globally that may be relevant.  If we can contribute to breaking down some of those barriers, and the timeliness of information, we will have contributed in a small way to the health and welfare of one or more individuals.

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Our roots go back over three decades in business development and corporate learning development, performance improvement, and strategy consulting.  Our team has consulted for zoos, institutions, non-profits, and many global corporations with household names, including telecoms like AT&T, Motorola, MCI, Sprint, and Northern Telecom; large engine companies like Cummins Engine and Caterpillar; educators like World Book, Harvard Business School, and Discovery Channel; scientists including NASA and engineers at NCR and Texas Instruments; hospitals and biomedical firms such as Eli Lilly, and many startups; transportation companies including U.S. Airways; business solution companies including IBM;  and financial firms including ADP, plus many more that we can't talk about. We have served on boards of international professional associations, and have won national and international awards for our work.

We believe that the world is changing and the way we research, interact with one another, do business, and relax have reached a new paradigm that holds a lot of opportunity for the company that has a team that is agile, creative and diligent. We look forward to making new friends, finding new partners, and solving problems, great and small. Most of all we do everything with integrity, because we value our customers, partners and vendors, and.the peace of mind and long term relationships with all concerned.  We hope to be a blessing when people interact with us, and perhaps along the way, will have a great and lasting impact. 


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