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Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections


CRBSI can be deadly.  A catheter-related bloodstream infection can lead to sepsis and even death.  Even with good aseptic protocols to keep skin and catheter sites clean, you can still get a CRBSI. It's root cause is in the buildup of biofilm which creates an attractive environment for bacteria and infection.  As bacteria gathers around an infected catheter, it naturally begins to disseminate through the bloodstream. CRBSI must be prevented and treated.  Many companies are working on solutions to CRBSI now.


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  • CRBSI is a complex medical problem that challenges the viability of extended use of bloodstream catheters, due to bloodstream infections often caused by the catheters, or bacteria that gathers around the catheters.

  • Catheter related bloodstream infections are common and deadly, often leading to sepis. Find out more about CRBSI, preventing CRBSI, and treatment for CRBSI.

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